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202 Worse Than They: The Church Of Today Emulating Ancient Israel?

In Episode 202 we discuss the ancient Israelites and how easily and quickly they backslid, even shortly after God spoke the ten commandments form Sinai. Are we doing better today, or are we emulating, or even improving upon them?
201 Thy Kingdom Come, Is God's Kingdom To Be Set Up On Earth?

In Episode 201 we discuss the coming of God's Kingdom. The Jews are waiting for the Messiah to come to set up His Kingdom on earth and then they will rule. Many Christians believe that the Kingdom has to be set up on earth by the church and then the church will rule through legislation. But was it ever meant to be an earthly kingdom?
200 Sabbath:The Universal Test, Is It Just About A Day Or Any

In Episode 200 we take an in depth look at a not often thought of angle of the Sabbath issue. How important is it to keep the specific day or can we keep any day or every day? Is the issue salvational or merely incidental?
199 Moving Of The Spirit, Waiting For The Latter Rain

In Episode 199 we discuss the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth. As the early rain was poured out at Pentecost, we are praying and waiting for the latter rain to fall on God's remnant so that the loud cry can prepare multitudes for the return of Jesus. Will this be a general outpouring of the Spirit, or are there certain conditions to be met before this long awaited event can take place?
198 Ideological Transition, Candace Owens & Others Turn To Religion?

In Episode 198 we discuss the ideological transition that is taking place all over the world. Many famous people like Russel Brand, Candace Owens, Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan are turning to religion or talking positively about it. Is this all part of the transition that the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy speaks about that will happen to eventually implement the Mark of the beast? We also discuss the Solar storm that presumably caused Auroras in the skies and caused Internet and network blackouts. Are these signs of the times?
197 Curriculum Of The Ages - Most Important Subject In The Universe

In Episode 197 we discuss the most important subject in the universe. Every Conflict that has been waged on this earth was and is centred in this curriculum . As we near the end of time this conflict will escalate and every person will have to make a decision. There are only two choices, not four or six, only two. Make your choice.
196 Thy Word Is A Light Unto My Path

In Episode 196 we discuss the corruption of the word of God that started from Origen's time, and continued through the centuries by prominent men portraying to be for truth but in actual fact being its staunch enemies. But God's promise that He will protect His Word has stood the test of time, and through His prophecy of seven times purified, we still have the true light for our path.
195 Purified Seven Times - Did God Preserve His Word?

In Episode 195 we discuss the importance of God's promise that He will preserve His word. If God failed in that promise, we would have no basis to base our faith on and everything, including the plan of salvation would be worthless. If we are to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, it has to be His words, and not the twisted words of someone else. So can we be sure that God preserved His word?
194 Mark of The Beast, Hand Or Forehead, How Close Are We?

In Episode 194 we discuss recent statements by one of the world's leading Scientists, atheists and evolutionists, Richard Dawkins. Stating that he sees himself as a cultural Christian, but does not believe a word of the Christian faith. On the other hand Donald Trump is promoting the Christian faith with the endorsement of a new God bless the USA Bible that has the Constitution and Bill of Rights in the front pages. The fulfilment of the prophecy of the third angel is edging ever closer. Will you be able to stand?
193 A Woman Riding The Beast - Through Secret Societies, CIA & FBI

In Episode 193 we continue the discussion on Revelation 17. The woman rides the beast through all its stages in history and also future. But there is also an "is" and "is not" stage that she is still ruling. How does she still run the system even if the beast seamed to have a mortal wound? Is it through secret societies and other font institutions? How close are we to the healing of the seemingly mortal wound?
192 Beast From The Bottomless Pit & A Woman Riding It

In Episode 192 we discuss Revelation 17 and the unfolding of its prophecies in front of our eyes. Who or what is the beast with seven heads and ten horns rising from the bottomless pit and who is the woman riding it?
191 Trump 2024 Christian Nationalist Takeover or Biden 2024?

In Episode 191 we discuss the push from the king of the south mentality against the "Christian Nationalist" king of the north. Recent speeches made by Donald Trump where he said revival starts November 2024 if he should come into office, and that political power will be given to the churches as never before, all indicate of possible fulfilment of prophecy that states the unification of church and state. But is church and state out of the question if Joe Biden should win? At the end of the episode we show some footage of the blessed time at the Brazil camp meeting.
190 Him That Thinks He Stands, Take Heed Lest He Falls

In Episode 190 we are at the Brazilian camp meeting and along with all three our wonderful translators we also had Scotty Mayer of Little Light Studios as guest. The title: "Him That Thinks He Stands, Take Heed Lest He Falls". We discuss the influential power, that even individuals, can have over the masses through popularism or fear. And also how easily someone can take a 180 degree turn on what he said before. Will God's remnant church be the necessary influence on the world for this crucial period in history, and take their stand?
189 Can One Baptize Himself? Is A Christmas Tree Allowed In Church?

In Episode 189 we discuss some pressing questions: Can I baptize myself? Can the soul be bought or sold? Does Ezekiel 40 describe a literal or spiritual temple? Why were Rechabites told to drink wine in the house of God? How will one pay council rates on the land, if one cannot buy or sell? Why were the Israelites permitted to give to a stranger what they weren’t allowed to eat themselves? Can I bring a Christmas tree into the church?
188 Partakers Of The Divine Nature, Make Your Choice

In Episode 188 we discuss preparation. How important is it to prepare for what is coming, and more importantly, to get ourselves ready for heaven? There were two trees in the garden of Eden that were to determine the path of humanity. Only two choices, not three or more; black or white, no shades of grey. Two characters to develop, either the similitude of Satan or the similitude of Christ. The choice was theirs, and now the choice is yours.
187 Sunday Proposal, Sooner Than We Think? Texas Border- Neuralink

In Episode 187 we discuss the importance of Present Truth. When the truth is hidden under a pile of mud by the twisting thereof, it is necessary to uncover it, polish it and present it for what it is, truth. The Bible and Spirit of Prophecy make it clear that the commandment-keeping people of God are heading for a confrontation with the Dragon, the Beast, and the Image of the Beast, and that the Mark of the Beast, Sunday observance, will be enforced on everyone. Are we closer than we think?
186 Sons & Heirs Of God, The Final Gathering Of His Children

In Episode 186 we discuss the unfathomable promise that we can be joint-heirs with Jesus Christ, the Creator and Saviour of mankind. The most unselfish promise ever made, yet most do not yearn for it, or they even despise it. They do so because of the requirements to qualify for the promise, such as laying aside selfishness and putting on meekness among others, demand too great a sacrifice. What do we have to do to lay claim to this promise of becoming co-inheritors?
185 Heading For World War III & Civil War? Are We Prepared?

In Episode 185 we discuss the growing speculation that we are on the brink of World War III. Along with this there is also the growing possibility of Civil wars breaking out in various countries around the world, as well as the US. Should we be preparing for these things, and more importantly, how do we prepare for it?
184 COP28,No Buying Or Selling, Is The CBDC The Mark Of The Beast?

In Episode 184 we discuss recent comments by Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, Glen Beck and other very influential people defining the Mark of the Beast of Revelation 13. Most now speculate that it is the central bank digital currency (CBDC), a global digital currency, or maybe even a global digital identity. But does this fit the biblical definition of the Mark of the Beast? Climate Change is also a hot topic, and at the recent COP28 meeting there were some notable suggestions by Pope Francis. We also look at an interesting "prediction" made in 2012 on the front page of the Economist magazine regarding the Israel and Hamas war. What is in store for us in 2024?
183 Enacted Parables, Bracing For The Confrontation With Malta!

In Episode 183 we look at some of the many enacted parables in the Bible such as the stories of Abraham and Isaac, Daniel and his friends etc. Real life stories that have a bigger lesson in them for all of us. We also discuss an enacted parable that is still unfolding in our time, and that tells of a tremendous clash that is just on the horizon. Will we be able to brace the winds of the storm until our ship collides with the shore?
182 The Work Is Great And Few Are The Workers - Homeward Bound

In Episode 182 we discuss what it means to take the three Angels' messages to every tribe and tongue and nation. God entrusted this most solemn work to us mortals and He knew that it would not be easy. But He promised that He would be there for us at all times, every step of the way. In this quarry of life we are to be hewn and squared against other living stones in order to be polished and changed to fit us for heaven.
181 The Right Arm Of The Gospel, Health Reform In The Last Days.

In Episode 181 we discuss the right arm of the gospel, that also goes along with the three Angel's messages. We take a look at health reform in the last days. Does it matter?
180 The Stone Of Stumbling For Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Atheism

In Episode 180 we discuss how the corner Stone that was rejected, became the Stone of stumbling for basically all religions. Even most parts of Christianity. The Bible says that there is no other name under heaven and earth by which you can obtain entry into heaven. This causes a major problem. Especially if organisations or churches want to be part of the ecumenical discussions.
179 The Final Call, Come Out Of Babylon My People!

In Episode 179 we discuss another Angel's message, the fourth Angel of Revelation 18. With the same warning as the second Angel that Babylon has fallen, fallen. But this time with an earnest call to come out of that Babylonian system. This is the final call for all God's people that keeps His commandments and have the faith Of Jesus! Now is the time to cut all ties with Babylon, so as to not be destroyed along with it by the Brightness of the Coming of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
178 Do not Worship The Beast And his Image, And Receive his Mark

In Episode 178 we discuss the third Angel's message of Revelation 14 which warns us not to worship the Beast and his image, or receive his mark of authority. Just as God clearly states what His mark of authority is in His Ten commandments, the beast also makes it clear what his mark is. It is all about worship and who's authority you choose.
177 Babylon Is Fallen, Is Fallen, Who's Babylon and What Is Fallen?

In Episode 177 we discuss the Second Angel's message of Revelation 14 which states that Babylon is fallen. What or who is Babylon and what does it mean that it is Fallen? And why is it the fact that it is fallen repeated twice?
176 Everlasting Gospel To Humanity, Fear God, Judgement Has Begun

In Episode 176 we discuss the first of the three most important messages to be given to the world. The first Angel’s message of Revelation 14 that encompasses the everlasting gospel that must be proclaimed to all humanity and to restore faith in the Creator of all things because Judgement has begun.
175 Israel And Hamas, Zionists vs Islam Holy War? or Jesuit Plan?

In Episode 175 we discuss wars and rumours of wars. The conflict between the state of Israel and hamas is dominating the headlines and the world is gripped in a state of panic. Is this fulfilment of Bible prophecy, or an execution of a planned Jesuit agenda?
174 Laudate Deum VS Project 2025, Beast & Image Of The Beast

In Episode 174 we discuss the Pope’s latest exhortation to the encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si. According to the Bible the first Beast, namely Papal Rome, will get the second beast, namely the USA, to implement its laws and become an image to the first beast. Can we see this happening and how does Project 2025 fit in?
173 Is God Love & Never Changing? Or A Vengeful Narcissistic Tyrant?

In Episode 173 we discuss the character of God. The Bible state that God is Love and that He never changes. If this is true, why do some people believe that there are two versions of God? Why are there people that accuse God of being a narcissist? The God of the Old Testament is seen as the vengeful and wrathful deity and then Jesus comes as the meek and loving one, is this true?
172 What's Up Prof? and Clash of Minds Update

In this Video we give an update on Walter's health, clarify our affiliation with Amazing Discoveries, and give an update on What's Up Prof? and the projects at Clash of Minds.
171 Sport Religion Or Religious Sports?

In Episode 171 we discuss sport. Where did sport originate and does it have any biblical foundation? Why is it that almost all sport that we have in the world today, were shaped or became prominent in the 1800's? Freemasonry also seems to be intertwined with all sports, can this be merely coincidence?

169 Book of Enoch? Revival Now? AI Rewriting Bible? Take Back Sunday

In Episode 169 we discuss the ever growing popularity of the apocryphal Book of Enoch, does the Spirit of Prophecy say we have to study it? AI is daily in the news and there are dire warnings from some of the creators. AI seems to be on a course to re-write history, and even the Bible is not spared. 'Apostle Kathryn Krick' is on her "Revival is Now" tour with signs and wonders taking place at these meetings. Are these revivals biblical? The US supreme court ruled in favor of a postal worker who refused to work on Sunday, and more Christian voices are calling to take Sunday back. We are heading for interesting times.
168 It Is Well With My Soul, What Is Music's Purpose?

In Episode 168 we discuss the importance of music. In everyday life as well as divine service, where and how does music fit in? Is there correct music and wrong music, and how do we distinguish between the two? What is the purpose of music?
167 Red Heifers Have Arrived, Antichrist In Temple In Israel 2024?

In Episode 167 we discuss the hype that is picking up in Israel and in the evangelical world because of the 5 red heifers that have arrived in Israel. A pure, unblemished red heifer is required for the sacrificial ceremony that leads to the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, namely the third temple. Could this become a reality in 2024? Will this lead to the fulfillment of the futurist view of the 70 week prophecy in Daniel where it states that the antichrist will stand in the new temple and declare himself to be God?
166 From Sickness To Health, Absentee Landlord Part 2

In Episode 166 we share some of the wonderful blessings God bestowed upon us while doing a district outreach / camp-meeting. Through all the onslaughts that satan threw at us and especially Walter, we stand in awe at how God always comes through for us in the most trying of times. We experienced first hand that He is most certainly not an absentee landlord!
165 Absentee Landlord? Where Is God? Why Does He Not Do Something?

In Episode 165 we discuss the accusation of satan that God is an absentee landlord. And many people have the same accusation against God, because by looking at what’s going on around us with all the pain and sorrow, they ask where is God in all this? Does he not care? Why does He not do something about all this suffering?
164 Who Is Worthy? Adventure Bible Study Next To The Okavango River

In Episode 164 we conclude our adventures in the African bush with the study of Revelation 5 and the beautiful plan of salvation ensconced in it. There is only one that is worthy to open the Scroll and to be worshipped. He is also the creator of everything, and the birds chirping away in this serene and beautiful setting next to the Okavango River, is evidence thereof and acknowledges it.
163 Worthy Is The Lamb, A Discussion In The African Bush

In Episode 163 we have a change of scenery. On our way back from a camp meeting in Namibia, we camped next to the Okavango River in the Caprivi strip in the North of Namibia, bordering Angola and Botswana. Here between the lush trees and beautiful chirping birds, we discuss the hope filled prophecy of the only person worthy to open the seals of the scroll in Revelation 5. The Spirit of Prophecy admonishes that is of great importance for all who are to act a part in the work of God in the last days, to study this chapter carefully. Worthy is the Lamb.
162 What If Tucker Carlson Runs For President?

In Episode 162 we discuss the developments with Tucker Carlson being fired by Fox News. Being probably the most popular news host in the world, he has a lot of influence and support. He also has a lot of political connections and he is vocal on religious aspects. If he decides to run for president, and maybe wins, will that fit into Bible prophecy?
161 Tradition The Bane Of Religion, A Poison Causing Eternal Death

In Episode 161 we discuss one of the main obstacles in the spreading of the gospel that also hinders spiritual growth inside the church, namely tradition. As a consequence of tradition, many will be lost. It is like a poison. We need to identify what tradition consists of so that we can take heed to not be caught up in its death trap.
160 God's Little Children, Who are they? How Can We Be Part Of Them?

In Episode 160 we discuss the Biblical term of Little Children. Paul says when I was a child I thought like a child, but now I am an adult. John refers in his letters to the congregation as little children. This does not seem to gel, so maybe we should look a little deeper into it. Does this also describe who the children of God are?
159 Cyber Attacks, Grid Failures, Gender War & Religious Upheaval

In Episode 159 we discuss the disturbing trends that are taking a foothold in society. Along with the growing fear of cyber attacks crippling infrastructure such as the power grids and travel lines, religious upheavals are on the rise. Is all of this happening happenstance, or is there a sinister agenda at play?
158 The Lie! False Teachings, Misleading, Bondage - Truth Makes Free

In Episode 158 we discuss the one thing that God CANNOT do, and that is lie. The great controversy between Christ and satan started off with lies. But what do lies entail and what does it include. If the truth makes you free and lies takes us bondage, and we are warned in Matthew 24 not to be deceived with the lies. How can we be sure we are not caught up in it?
156 God vs Big Bang, Is Creation Fiction Or Is Evolution A Religion?

In Episode 156 we continue our discussion on 10 questions relating to whether Science is correct in stating that life came about by chance, or is the Bible correct by stating that everything was created by a loving Creator? When comparing the evidence, can we actually conclude that the evolutionary theory qualifies as a religion?
155 Creation vs Evolution, Is Science Right And The Bible Wrong?

In Episode 155 we discuss one of the biggest arguments against God and the Bible, namely that God created everything and not chance. Did life evolve over millions of years or was it created by a loving Creator? When Walter realised that there were serious questions left unanswered in the evolution theory, he penned down 10 questions during a high level discussion class at the University. In this episode we look at those questions, to see what the answers are.
154 What Does Asbury Revival, Rick Warren & Putin Have In Common?

In Episode 154 we discuss how the push for the deterioration of morals are part of satan’s plan to rile up the religious conservative side in all faiths. Because it is a moral issue, it affects different religions in different countries all over the world. We can see this in the Asbury revival, Putin’s speech, and Rick Warren already spoke of this in 2008 at a World Economic Forum meeting. There are talks of a worldwide revival, but how do we then distinguish between a true and a false revival?
153 Mahanaim, Two Hosts, Either In Christ's Army Or Satan's Army?

In Episode 153 we discuss and study the only two parties that will exist as we near the end of the earth’s history – Christ or Satan. There are people sitting on the fence proclaiming that there are grey areas, but a side will have to be chosen. Even by not choosing a side, you will automatically make a choice. God promises us that we are not alone, and if we start speaking with one voice proclaiming the three Angels’ messages, God’s host will go before us.
152 Grammys, Superbowl, Politics & Christian Unity To Swing The Pendulum

In Episode 152 we look at what is transpiring in the world of entertainment and politics. There is a growing tendency to “shock” people and then to call it art. So called “Christianity” is gaining momentum in sport and politics, because of these blatant attacks on morality and the push for “woke” in every sphere is agitating even once opposing sides, to a unity against this “evil”. Are we seeing the final movements for the pendulum to swing to the conservative side?
151 Last Days, Time Of The End, Latter days, That Day, Is There A Difference?

In Episode 151 we study the difference between the references to the last day, latter days etc. in the Bible. The importance of knowing to which event or period the Bible is referring to, becomes vividly clear once you realise that you can apply totally wrong events to wrong periods. You can end up misapplying the prophecy completely and even end up not being ready for Jesus’ second advent.
150 Davos: WEF Kings & Merchants Implemented The New World Order

In Episode 150 we discuss the recent meeting held by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. Numerous heads of state, government ministers, Al Gore, John Kerry along with big corporation CEO’s like Larry Fink of BlackRock, the FBI Director Christopher Wray, and many other dignitaries took part in the event. During the sessions the speakers plainly stated their plans for the world, and the order of things. But is all this talk of implementing a new order something new, or does it have an earlier and darker origin?
149 Spirit of Prophecy: What, Why And For When Is It?

In Episode 149 we discuss how we, the church, can be one as Jesus prayed to the Father in John 17:22. To do that we must study the Spirit of Prophecy as mentioned in Revelation 19:10. When we know what it is, then it is important to know why the spirit of prophecy is necessary, and also for when is it relevant? Without the answers to these questions, will we attain the unity needed to persevere to the end?
148 Spiritual Gifts, Are They Still Relevant Today?

In Episode 148 we discuss the spiritual gifts as set out in 1 Corinthians 12. Some say that they, or at least some of them, are not relevant anymore today. Others take them to the extreme and also misapply them. Especially the prophetic gift of the spirit is under attack. What does the Bible teach and what did the Adventist pioneers like Uriah Smith have to say about the spirit of prophecy?
147 Political; Spiritual Games, What Can 2023 Possibly Bring?

In episode 147 we discuss the ongoing swing of the pendulum toward the conservative side in the secular, political, as well as in the religious world. If we apply the King of the North vs King of the South philosophy with the passing of Pope Benedict XVI, we can see that the conflict is even raging inside religious entities such as the Roman Catholic Church. But is this the reality or part of a masterful game? What does 2023 possibly have in store?
146 The Advent Hope Eternal Life, Reality or Fiction?

In Episode 146 we discuss the reality that Jesus might be coming to fetch His faithful disciples very soon. But why does it seem that nobody want it to happen? “Not in my lifetime” is often heard, or “not for a hundred years still”. Even from people proclaiming to be looking forward to the greatest event the world has ever seen. Why is this, and what are we supposed to do about it?
145 Ascension Of Catholic Church Rise Of Christian Nationalism

In Episode 145 we discuss Biblical prophecy that is once again being fulfilled in front of our eyes. The Roman Catholic Church officially joined the United Nations recently as a political contributor towards the Climate change saga, not only as a religious partaker, but ascending like a king. Around the world the pendulum is also starting to swing toward the right, conservative side and with the rise of Christian nationalism, the king of the north seems to be taking his/its position.
144 Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated? Who Can You Trust?

In Episode 144 we discuss the two streams of information about Covid 19 / Sars CoV-2, the vaccines and boosters that are going out into the world. When looking at real data and statistics, it becomes clear that it is no longer about science. Who can you still trust?
143 Climate Repentance, Climate Religions, Catholics Smash Tablets

In Episode 143 we discuss the religious ceremonies that were held around the world in relation to the COP27 climate conference in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt. Pope Francis called on Christians to repent of their climate sins and modify their lifestyles to save the planet. A catholic delegation along with various other denominations and religions gathered at and on top of Mount Sinai, and smashed tablets with climate commandments on them to show their displeasure for the lack of urgency for climate repentance. Where does all of this fit into Bible prophecy?
142 COP 27 - Back To Sinai, 10 New Commandments For Climate Religion

In Episode 142 we discuss the spiritual side of COP27 and the climate agenda. Religious leaders from various Christian denominations as well as numerous other faiths, joined in a ceremony to introduce their 10 principles for climate repentance, in Egypt. The ceremony was inspired by Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si, that is devoted to religious responses to climate change. Are we seeing the fulfilment of biblical prophecy?
141 COP27 The Letter - Pope Francis' Call For Climate Unity

In Episode 141 we discuss the COP 27 Climate summit held in Egypt, along with the recent movie “The Letter” that focusses on the climate issue and the encyclical that Pope Francis wrote on the environment, Laudato Si. Is science settled on the climate issue as people claim? What do we find if we look at data and not models?
140 Arise and Shine, Take The Message For The Last Days To The World

Episode 140 The fact that we are living in the last days and seeing the signs being fulfilled before our eyes, does not mean that everything is smooth sailing for us. On the contrary, we can become discouraged, depressed and even scared. So how do we prepare for the latter rain when all seems to fall apart? How do we arise and shine to take the light to the world?
139 Tsunamis, The Tree Of Life, Seven Last Plagues, Moses' Resurrection

In episode 139 we discuss some interesting topics from questions received. Wouldn’t the fallen angels eventually die on their own since they no longer have access to the tree of life? To what extent is the statement in Jeremiah 5:22 true in the case of a tsunami? Why is Moses raised before Jesus’ crucifixion? Which of the 10 Commandments did Lucifer break? How do we understand the role of women in light of the words that Timothy wrote? Will the seven last plagues fall universally? (FAQ)
138 Press Together; Press Together, Getting Ready For The Loud Cry

In Episode 138 we discuss how important it is that God’s final remnant church press together to be able to give the loud cry before Jesus returns. There is so much confusion and talking past each other that unity seems basically impossible. It seems that on certain points there are two sides and then they divide into two camps, when in actual fact the sides are just looking at the point from different angles. What does the Bible have to say on how to deal with these issues?
137 A Time Of Trouble Up Ahead, Are We On The Brink?

In Episode 137 we discuss some of the issues that are coming to fruition currently that are pointing toward the fulfilment of prophecy regarding the abomination of desolation. By putting these issues and events into perspective with bible prophecy, can we see the possibility of a time of trouble that is looming? Are we actually on the brink of it?
136 Abomination Of Desolation, Can You Hear The Rumbling?

In Episode 136 we discuss what the Abomination of desolation was that Jesus referred to when the disciples asked Him about the signs of His second coming, and what does it represent in the days that we live in? When will we know that the sign announced by Jesus for the flight of his people has been fulfilled?
135 She Has Become A House Of Demons, Pope Against Fundamentalism

In Episode 135 we discuss the reference about Babylon becoming a house of demons in Revelation 18. The pope is continually speaking out against proselytising and the protestant churches are flocking back to the mother church in ecumenism. What will the consequences be for God’s remnant church?
134 Pandemics, Vaccines, Lockdowns Mandates Something Of The Past?

Episode 134 we discuss where we are with the pandemic. All seems to be under control and most countries have eased their regulations, but on the other hand mandates relating to the vaccines seem to be intensifying. What does the official reports relating to the vaccines tell us? What can we expect in the future when it comes to mandates and lockdowns?
133 Digital Money ID To Control Humanity In Buying And Selling

In Episode 133 we discuss the world wide push towards Digital Identities for all people. All the central banks are also pushing to introduce Digital currencies, which will be linked to the Digital Identities. Digital surveillance will enable the powers that be to keep an eye on, and track citizens’ spending, earning and more. What does God say about all these things?
132 Climate Change, Lockdowns And Hysteria To Push Sunday Laws

In Episode 132 we discuss the droughts and extreme weather in various parts of the world. Europe is supposedly going through some of the worst droughts in 1200 years; the drought in China is the worst since record keeping commenced and the US is also not spared. There is record rainfall and flooding in other areas. Can all of this really be attributed to Climate Change? Where are we heading?
131 Jehovah's Witnesses Believe, Crosses As Emblems, Keeping The Sabbath

In episode 131 we discuss some frequently asked questions, such as: Is it wrong to wear a cross as an emblem? What do the Jehova’s Witnesses believe? Biblical guidelines concerning divorce and remarrying; What is lawful to do on the Sabbath? Join as us we discuss these interesting questions. (FAQ)
130 The Great Awakening,Double Blind Leading To Change Of Constitution?

In Episode 130 we discuss the possible pendulum swing being pushed by Christians toward a seemingly better morality. There are certain buzzwords used by the religious conservatives such as Jehu vs the Jezebel spirit, Salt and Light movement, the great awakening. These are all titles that evangelicals are using to describe the movement to drain the swamp so that evil can be pushed back and light can overcome darkness. Is this perhaps a double blind that can lead to a possible re-write of the US constitution and thereby satan gets exactly what he wants through deception?
129 The Lord Delays His Coming? 3 Angels, Which Tablets Of The Law?

In Episode 129 we discuss the command that Jesus gave His disciples in Luke 21:36 to always watch and pray and its relation to Matthew 24. Is the Lord delaying His coming? We also discuss the items that could be found in the Ark of the Covenant? Is it only the stone tables containing the ten commandments, in other words the Law? And then we conclude with the question: to which Table of the Law of commandments does the Three Angels’ Messages refer, and why? (FAQ)
128 Pro-Life/Pro-Choice-The Significance Of The 3 Angels' Messages

In Episode 128 we clarify our position on issues of sin. It has come to our attention that there are thoughts going around regarding the way we presented the Roe vs Wade reversal, that we are actually pro-abortion. In this discussion we clarify this and other misconceptions. We make it clear why we concentrate on the 3 Angels’ messages, and how that encompasses all sin issues. It is all about the Greatest Commandment.
127 Bioweapons, Transhumanism, Surveillance, AI,Trouble On The Way

In Episode 127 we discuss how various fields of our lives are affected by what is happening in the world today. Basically there is no area that is not affected. In many cases what is really going on is not covered by main stream media, or is censored. Are there signs to show that we are heading for a time of trouble such as never was?
126 Food: Controlling The Nations Of The World

In Episode 126 we discuss the world food crises. Hunger, famine and food shortages, the high oil and fuel prices and shortages, as well as the looming financial crises etc., all of these happening in the world today are being blamed on the war between Russia and Ukraine as well as climate change. Can we believe these narratives, or is there perhaps a more planned scenario implemented behind the scenes to bring about these crises?
125 New Cold War, Roe vs Wade, Hegelian Dialectic Fireballs

In Episode 125 we look at current events and we try to correlate these events with prophecy. The war between Russia and Ukraine is still escalating, and NATO troops are on high alert. It seems as if a new cold war has started. The Supreme court’s reversal of the Roe vs Wade ruling has caused major upheavals. Elon Musk’s offer to purchase Twitter seems to favour the conservatives because of his stance on free speech. Can we trust everything we see, or is the pendulum being swung with the help of Hegelian dialectic to get the synthesis that the puppet master is aiming for?
124 Parallels For Our Time, How Do We Prevent The Same Mistakes?

In Episode 124 we look at the history of the reformation, and the events that took place in 1843 and 1844 to see if there are parallels for our time. What must we learn from these past events to prevent us from making the same mistakes that the majority of people made then?
123 The Apple Of His Eye, The Remnant Church Of God For The End

In Episode 123 we discuss the importance of God’s remnant church as described by the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. This remnant is the apple of the Lord’s eye, and therefore it is paramount that we understand what the requirements are for the church to qualify to be the remnant. Can we call this church Babylon?
122 Odd, Singular, Strait-Laced Extremists, Who Are They?

In Episode 122 we discuss the prophecy of how the remnant will be labeled in the last days as odd, singular, strait-laced extremists because of their steadfastness to stand unwavering on the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. The words conspiracy theorists can also be added to the label. But what is the criteria needed for someone to be labelled as such? Is it, or will it be a bad thing to carry this label?
121 The Third Elijah, The 144 000 A Double Portion

In Episode 121 we discuss the Third Elijah, referring to the remnant church and the message that they have to proclaim to the world, which is the same message as the first Elijah. This same message is the message that will be proclaimed by the 144 000 of Revelation. But the third Elijah will need a double portion of the Spirit of the First Elijah. What is this message that has to be carried to the ends of the earth?
120 3 Elijah’s The Remnant, The Answer To The Chaos In The World

In Episode 120 we discuss the Elijah message and how it is this message that must be given to the world, and to the church, right up to the end. Who brought this message in the past and who, according to the Bible, will bear this message to the end? And what is the message?
119 “WHO” Is Ruling The World, Or Is It The “WEF” Or The Man In White?

In Episode 119 we discuss how the puppeteers are pulling the world in which ever direction that suits them. When looking at what some organisations like WHO and WEF are saying and what authority is being handed over to these organisations by the leadership of the world, it is clear that we are heading for troublesome times. And behind all of these, the man in white is holding sway.
118 How Does One Deal With Demonic Activity? And Other Questions

In Episode 118 we discuss some of the frequently asked questions we receive. Questions such as: How does Mark 1:15 , Mark 4:30 -32 and Matthew 13:24 -30 refer to the Kingdom of Heaven / God? How can God be fair in the way the young prophet is treated in 1 Kings Chapter 13? Certain places in the Bible it looks as if the Anti Christ is a single person, why? Is Jesus officiating continually or once a year in the Most Holy in the Heavenly Sanctuary? What does it mean that it will be as in the days of Noah? What does the Bible say about cremation? How does one deal with demonic activity?
117 Jacob The Angel, Jacob's Trouble, How Do We Prepare For The End

In Episode 117 we discuss how important it is that God’s children have spiritual preparedness for the time we are living in and the time that is upon us. The Bible and Spirit of Prophecy warns us of a time that we will go through just before Jesus’ return that is likened to Jacob’s wrestling with the Angel, also known as Jacob’s Trouble. How do we need to prepare for it?
116 Is There A Limit To God's Forbearance?

In Episode 116 we discuss various events and news happening across the world that seems to have nothing to do with each other. From zero covid laws in China to food processing plant disasters in the US. Climate change hysteria to abortion protests. The world is on a high speed train to destruction. Is there a limit to God’s forbearance?
115 Gospel of John:For Your Ears Only, Message For Our Time Part 3

In Episode 115 (Part 3 of 3) we conclude our study of the message for the end time contained in the book of John. Chapters 13 to 17 is the final message that Jesus gave for the 11 remaining Disciples the night before His crucifixion. It was a message for their ears only, and so it is also for us today, at the end of time, a message for our ears only.
114 Gospel of John: For Your Ears Only, Message For Our Time Part 2

In episode 114 (part 2) we continue our study on the book of John and the importance of this book for the end time we are living in. It contains a special message for the people that will receive the latter rain.
113 Gospel of John: For Your Ears Only, Message For Our Time Part1

Episode 113 is part 1 where we take a closer look at the importance of the gospel of John for the end time. The sequence of the Bible was not always as we have become accustomed to. What impact does that have on how the majority of people study the Bible today?
112 Power Unto The Beast - Results Of The War Part 2

In Episode 112 we continue putting the puzzle together to see how the kings of the earth will give power unto the beast of Revelation. Who is behind all of these calamities and wars, and what will they use to implement their Economy of Francesco?
111 What Are The Results Of The Ukraine Russia War On The World?

In Episode 111 we discuss the effects of the war between Ukraine and Russia on the world at large. Basically there is no one that will not be impacted by it. When we look at it through the prophetic lens we see that there is more to this than meets the eye. What is going on and where could this possibly be leading?
110 Defending The Biblical Doctrines,The Truth Shall Make You Free

In Episode 110 we delve a little deeper into the importance of truth, and where to find it. To qualify to be the final remnant church that are the ambassadors of Truth and that have to take the Truth to the world, there are biblical doctrines that this church have to uphold. Is it not therefore of the utmost importance that you have the correct Word of God to defend these doctrines?
109 The Truth Shall Make You Free, What Is Truth Then?

The Bible states that we live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, and it also states that Jesus is the Word. If these Words of Jesus are also defined as Truth, how important is it for us to be sure that we have the correct words?
108 Clash of Minds, Whose Authority Do You Choose?

Even before the creation of the earth, a clash of minds started a war – the war in heaven. And ever since, this clash of minds has reigned, and will continue until the close of this earth’s history. It is a battle about authority and every person on earth will have to make a choice as to whose authority he or she chooses to acknowledge.
107 Disguised Infidelity

In Episode 107 we discuss how easy it is to side on the side of infidelity, and maybe even doing so unknowingly. The Bible and Spirit of Prophecy is written plainly and are to be read as it stands. But unfortunately the enemy of God has introduced all sorts of distractions and higher criticisms to confuse and take our minds away from a “Thus saith the Lord”.
106 Russia vs Ukraine, King Of The North vs King Of The South?

In Episode 106 we discuss the situation in Ukraine and Russia. Many have taken sides and the media is putting out conflicting stories. Propaganda is the name of the game and it will continue to be. So how do we put all this into perspective and get our minds around it to try and see where everything is heading?
105 Surviving The Babylonians In Laodicea - Accepting Present Truth

In Episode 105 we discuss the importance of accepting present truth. When a church or individual neglects to accept present truth they run the danger of missing the boat all together. The Bible contains many examples of this. The Israelites in Moses’ time, and the Leaders as well as the nation in Jesus’ time did not accept the present truth for their time.
104 Weeping for Tammuz, Abominations In The Dark - Back to Normal?

In Episode 104 we discuss the growing number of countries lifting restrictions. Is this an indication of things returning to normal or are there possible alternate plans being devised in the dark. What about in the church itself? Is everything as it should be, or do we need to re-read the 8th chapter of Ezekiel with serious introspection?
103 Prepare For The Latter Rain, Signs of Christ's Soon Return

In Episode 103 we revisit the signs of Jesus’ soon return and the preparation for the latter rain that will precede the second advent. Prominent voices in our own ranks want to lull the people back into a slumber by telling them that current world events have to be uncoupled from the Biblical events pointing to the second coming.
102 Righteousness By Faith Corporate Repentance: The Remnant Church

In Episode 102 we discuss the importance of the spiritual aspect of watching, praying and waiting for Jesus’ return. The Bible gives a clear description of the attributes of the remnant church. One of these attributes is that they keep all the commandments of God, which is only possible by appropriating the Righteousness of Christ, and that is only possible through faith. How has the remnant church fared thus far?
101 3 Years Of Covid-19, Vaccines And Lockdowns

In Episode 101 we continue our recap on the past 100 episodes, and also give an update on the current situation, like the vaccines, lockdowns etc. We look at what we discussed in 2020 and link it to the current narrative to see where we are possibly heading.
100 100 Episodes of What’s Up Prof? Conspiracy Theories or Facts?

In Episode 100 we take a trip back in history and get a recap on what happened since the first episode of What’s Up Prof? Did any of the Conspiracy Theories that we are constantly blamed for spreading, come to fruition?
99 Bible Covenants, Does the New Covenant Replace the Old Covenant?

In Episode 99 we discuss some of the Covenants that God made with humans, starting with Adam. The debate rages on that the new covenant has replaced the old covenant and therefore we do not have to keep the commandments anymore, because they are part of the old covenant. What does the Bible say?
98 Battle of Armageddon The Battle of Gog and Magog

In Episode 98 we discuss the two most popular end time battles, Armageddon and Gog and Magog. Who are involved? There are numerous versions and interpretations on where and how these battles will be fought and who are involved. This leads to confusion which can be dangerous because our attention is drawn in the wrong direction.
97 History’s Coming Climax, The Return Of Jesus Christ

In Episode 97 we discuss how the Bible describes the second coming of Jesus Christ. How will He come? Who will be resurrected? What about the secret rapture? It is of the utmost importance that we understand the sequence and details of the events that will take place, to escape the deception that the Bible warns us against.
96 Come Out Of Babylon My People Give The Loud Cry

In Episode 96 we do a synopsis of who and what constitutes Babylon, because God warns us in Revelation through the second Angel’s message that Babylon has fallen, and that God’s people should come out of her. Then those who came out should warn the rest of the world with a loud cry to prepare for the return of Jesus Christ.
95 Signs Of The Times Showing To The Imminent Return Of Jesus

In Episode 95 we recap on what the Bible says the signs are to look out for that will tell of the imminent return of Jesus Christ. We look at the recent past to see if these signs are present. The signs of the times can be placed in various categories and each category needs to come to fruition and they need to climax simultaneously before the full prophetic picture can be realized.
94 Practical Health In Times Such As These

In Episode 94 we discuss some practical natural remedies and ingredients that can be used to help with health issues. Especially for the time we are entering, it is necessary to equip ourselves with knowledge to be able to deal with a time of crisis when all earthly support is cut off.
93 Omicron, Vaccine Mandates, Liberty, Conscience Freedom

In Episode 93 we discuss the Omicron variant and what its influence is on the world. President Biden made it clear that the aim for the new normal is to get everybody vaccinated. What does this have to do with liberty and conscience? We look at what the Bible says on all of this.
92 Cause of Disease? Medical Missionary Work In Time Of Crisis

In Episode 92 we discuss how mislead the world is with all the narratives that are being pushed through the propaganda machine, and how everybody is purposefully being confused. We look at what the possible causes of disease can be and how we can use this knowledge to do medical missionary work in this time of crisis.
91 Facebook, WhatsApp, Meta The Metaverse, Reflections On COP26

In Episode 91 we discuss the new name for the holding company of social media giants Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Why did Mark Zuckerberg and co decide to change it and what are the possible future implications? We also reflect on COP26 and delve a bit deeper to put the puzzle together and see what their possible plans are for the future.
90 Gnosticism and The Word Of God

In Episode 90 we discuss how imperative it is that when one studies the Word of God, one has to be sure that it is the correct Word. Not words based on philosophical ideas and corrupted by gnostic thinking. This is of the utmost importance when you want to weigh matters against the law and the testimony, otherwise you have no solid foundation and you are building your house on sand.
89 Is The Straight Testimony To The Laodiceans Still Relevant?

In Episode 89 we discuss the relevancy of the straight testimony called forth by the council of the true witness to the Laodiceans to the time we are living in. Is the rebellion of Korah and company still relevant in our day with the belief of a better order of things, where praise will take the place of reproof, and peace the place of anxiety and conflict? Do we refrain from warning the world and leave the people where they are to keep the peace? Or do we follow our marching orders as given in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy?
88 A Desire For Smooth Things Spoken Or Pure, Unvarnished Truth?

In Episode 88 we discuss possible ways on how to deal with situations where one encounters opposition in order for truth to triumph. The Bible and Spirit of Prophecy makes it clear that the truth will not be popular and that we can expect resistance from all sides, including from within. Sadly it is because most people want to hear smooth messages that are soft to the ear and don’t require much sacrifice, rather than the pure, unvarnished truth that moves one to repentance.
87 COP 26, Ecumenism, Labour Unions The Prophetic Picture

In Episode 87 we discuss the upcoming COP 26 meeting and the faith leaders of various religions and denominations that met with Pope Francis and how it fits into the prophetic picture. Things are moving at a rapid pace in the world, and therefore we have to make sure that we are grounded in the Law and Testimony.
86 Nothing Against The Truth, But For The Truth

In Episode 86 we discuss concerns that brothers and sisters in the faith have over some troublesome issues in the church in light of the Spirit of Prophecy. Walter goes down memory lane to highlight some astounding experiences he has had during his time in the church. Experiences that may shed some light on how to deal with these concerns.
85 The Church In Crisis

In Episode 85 we discuss the status of things in the church. It is of the utmost importance that our foundation is anchored in the Law and the Testimony, the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. If we are anchored in either the Bible or Spirit of Prophecy and not in both we will be derailed and apostasy will creep in. We will compare the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy with the current state of the church to see whether we are still on track.
84 Prophetic Brainstorming

In Episode 84 we do some prophetic brainstorming.The Remnant church has a commission to give the three angels’ messages of Revelation to the world. That does not mean that within the church there won’t be tares, but still the church is the apple of God’s eye. Therefore it is paramount that we put the current events happening in the world and in the church into the prophetic picture.
83 Is Taking The Vaccine Still A Personal Choice?

In Episode 83 we discuss the current rollout of the Covid 19 vaccine around the world. We take a look at methods that governments are using to get the maximum number of people vaccinated. We also discuss what various doctors, professors and other professionals have to say on the subject, in order to get an answer to the question whether taking the vaccine is still a personal choice?
82 Show Me Your Faith

In Episode 82 we discuss the other side of the grace coin, namely works. It is of paramount importance to find harmony between the two grace and works, because disregarding any one of the two might have eternal consequences.
81 Grace Abounding

In Episode 81 we discuss the subject of the grace of God. In the Bible we find example after example of this, but we can also become confused with some of the verses dealing with works. Throughout the ages it has been a struggle to find harmony between grace and works. We take a look at the book by John Bunyan, Grace Abounding To The Chief Of Sinners , to see if we can get a clearer picture of the grace of God.
80 The Holy Spirit In the Old Testament Am I Lost If I'm Fearful? (FAQ)

A few of the large volume of questions received, are addressed in this episode i.e. Bible verses that seem to be contradicting; The presence of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament; If I am fearful, am I lost; Will satan deceive people after the close of probation; Is Israel still the covenant people of God?
79 The Great Controversy Between God Satan:An Overview

In Episode 79 we do a brief overview of the great controversy between God and Satan. It has been raging since before the creation of the earth. Thousands have studied this subject in their lifetimes. When we look at the current events, it is evident that the controversy is heading for a climax.
78 Crossing The Jordan Into Canaan

In Episode 78 we delve into the typology of the crossing of the Jordan, the sending out of the 12 spies, the sojourn in the wilderness and the eventual sending of the 2 spies into Jericho, and how the antitype is playing out in our time. As 1 Corinthians 10 states, all those things happened to them as ensamples and are written for our admonition.
77 Good Food, Good Health, Good Ailment Treatments

In Episode 77 we discuss what constitutes good food from a scientific perspective and how what goes into the mouth affects your health. We discuss food for a typical day and also mention some helpful ailment treatments.
76 Known Duty, Moses Zipporah Type Meets Antitype

In Episode 76 we look at the story of Moses, Zipporah, and the Exodus and how the type meets the antitype in the time that we live in. Just as Moses and the Israelites, each of us today have a known duty of God that, if we neglect to perform, makes it impossible to be under His protection.
75 Science: Surely Our Fathers Have Inherited Lies

In Episode 75 we talk about science. In the time we are living in science has basically become a religion. The Bible has been brushed aside and science is now the arbiter of truth and seems to have the final say in anything from what you eat to your moral choices. To help us move forward through our current situation and to prepare us for what is coming, we will have to make the Bible our source of truth. It is and will be the only way to be able to discern true from false science.
74 The Tomorrow War, Storm On The Horizon

In Episode 74 we look at the catastrophic flooding in Europe and China. We discuss some statistics of the vaccines and we analyse the movie “The Tomorrow War” that has recently been released and its possible insinuations to the end time scenario.
73 Mandatory Vaccines, Riots and Looting, The Road To Anarchy

In Episode 73 we look at the latest happenings from around the world. Mandatory vaccinations, large scale cyber-attacks, and riots that are escalating at an alarming rate. Still the majority of humanity and even the church are saying this is just a glitch on the horizon and it will return to normal. What does the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy say, can we be on the Road to Anarchy?
72 Understanding Pope Francis, Laudato Si, Gaia Worship The Great Reset; Nothing New

In Episode 72 we go back in history to see how the agendas like climate change have been planned and coming a long time. We look at it right up to the present day and see that these agendas are being implemented as planned and that the Bible is spot on when it says that there is nothing new under the sun.
71 Understanding Pope Francis, Nothing Is As It Seems

In episode 71 we look at the origin and meaning of being knighted. In recent years people of all walks of life have been knighted. Is there perhaps a deeper meaning to this? Becoming famous comes almost always at a cost, and often reference is made to the rain man. Who or what is this referring to, and can all of this be traced back to the Roman Catholic Church? After all, nothing is as it seems.
70 Understanding Pope Francis, Natural Law, Education Ecumenism

In Episode 70 we discuss how the Roman Catholic system brings natural law, which human rights laws are based upon, into the education curriculum of the whole world, to brainwash humanity with their philosophies and thereby set the stage to achieve ecumenism between all religions, and even atheists.
69 Understanding Pope Francis, Post Reformation Councils

In episode 69 we discuss the post reformation councils held by the Roman Catholic church namely the Council of Trent, Vatican I and Vatican II. We also discuss some noteworthy dogmas declared by popes in between these councils. We see how these councils and dogmas are still relevant today and what effect they have on our time.
68 Understanding Pope Francis, The Vatican II Pope

In Episode 68 we discuss the issue of Vatican II. Many believe the Roman Catholic church has changed after Vatican II, and that the old ways of the Roman Catholic church are something of the past. Is this truly the case? We look at the teachings of the Roman Catholic church before and after Vatican II, how these teachings infiltrated protestant churches and also how Pope Francis fits into all of this.
67 Understanding Pope Francis, The Jesuit Agenda

In Episode 67 we discuss the agenda of the Roman Catholic Church and the papacy. Is pope Francis in conflict with this Agenda? We take a look at pope Francis’ roots, and what it means to be a Jesuit, and thereby the first Jesuit pope.
66 Futurism, Dispensationalism, Antichrist The Mark The Beast

In Episode 66 we delve into history to see how the views of preterism, futurism, dispensationalism and Sunday keeping came about. This led to a distorted view of the Antichrist and the mark of the beast, therefore it is of paramount importance that we study these things, as to not be misled and blindly wonder after the beast.
65 Nathanael: Choice, Individuality and Discernment

In episode 65 we discuss the worldwide tactics being implemented by the powers that be to coerce people into conforming to their agenda. How do these tactics compare to what the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy teach? What does all this tell us as to where we are in the stream of time?
64 Going Up To Jerusalem

In episode 64 we look at the parable of the Good Samaritan to find out why the Bible speaks of going up to Jerusalem and not down. We also look at some questions such as what is meant by binding and loosing which Jesus said to the Apostles? What was the first light that was created in Genesis? Does the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy give us any more details about when the day of probation ends?
63 The Great Reset and The Road To COP26

In Episode 63 we discuss the players involved in the Great Reset. Is this an obscure conspiracy theory with insignificant companies and persons involved? What does the World Economic Forum, International Monetary Fund and the Vatican have in common? What does all this have to do with COP26 and where are we heading?
62 The Anointing of the Tabernacle

In episode 62 we discuss Jesus’s officiating role in the Holy place of the heavenly tabernacle before He entered into the Most Holy. Why is it important that He officiated in the Holy place before moving into the Most Holy in 1844? The majority of churches teach that Jesus went straight into the Most Holy at His ascension into heaven. Is this Biblical and what does the Spirit of Prophecy say?
61 Doctrine Of The Law, Predestination Christian Perfection 2

In Episode 61 we conclude the discussion on Christian perfection that started in part 1
60 Doctrine Of The Law, Predestination Christian Perfection 1

In Episode 60 we discuss the very important but also very controversial subjects of the Law, predestination and Christian perfection. In the study we look at the definition of sin, understanding of salvation through the Sanctuary, standing without spot or wrinkle and more.
59 Vaccination, Green Passports and Bioethics

In Episode 59 we look at what is currently happening around the world with the much anticipated vaccine roll-out. Along with the vaccines Green passports are also being implemented around the world that curtails movement and participation in various areas. Can this lead to restrictions on buying and selling? We also look at the controversial situation of bioethics. Is there an agenda behind all of this?
58 Michael The Archangel vs Lucifer Son Of The Morning

In episode 58 we discuss the controversial topic of Michael the Archangel. According to the Bible Michael and his angels fought with the Dragon and his angels, and this has become known as the great controversy. To get to the answer of who Michael is, we delve into the Bible.
57 Science, Falsely So Called

In this episode we look at a few predictions made by science “prophets” over the years and how they played out. We also ask the question: Is there a true science and a science falsely so called? Can we still take God at His word that He is in control?
56 The Investigative Judgement On Trial (FAQ)

In Episode 56 we discuss the Biblical foundation for the investigative judgement, and the importance thereof. We also discuss some questions such as Did Jesus preach to the dead? , Can man forgive sins according to John 20:21​-23? , Is Satan’s personification of Jesus’ Second Coming happening before or after the close of probation? , What does it mean to walk in the spirit? , What is the anti-type of the 40 year wandering in the wilderness? and How close is the second exodus? . And we also expound on the wonderful teaching of Righteousness by Faith.
55 False True Prophets

In Episode 55 we discuss some prophecies made by claimed modern day prophets about Donald Trump and his re-election as president. We look at the biblical criteria of a true prophet and also look at what constitutes a false prophet. To know the difference is especially important in the times we live in, because the Bible tells us that there will be many false prophets, and we have to know how to distinguish between a true and a false prophet.
54 Apocalyptic Conspiracy?

In Episode 54 we discuss the growing movement around the world to discredit anyone and everything that disagrees with the mainstream as a conspiracy, even the Bible. We also look at the 1700 year celebration of Sunday laws and the rekindling of Sunday movements around the world. The Bible warns that morality will be eliminated just before Jesus returns, is this prevalent today?
53 God's Law Still Valid? Is Walter a Freemason? (FAQ)

In episode 53 we answer some pressing questions that are often asked or alluded to. Is Walter Veith a freemason? Why is there an obelisk on Ellen White’s grave? Why do you constantly preach about the law? Did Jesus break the Sabbath?
52 Road To Perdition: It’s Closer Than You Think

In episode 52 we discuss some very important current events that indicate that we are speeding to perdition and the fulfillment of the prophecies in the Bible. It might be closer than you think.
51 Merchants and The Souls Of Men

In Episode 51 we discuss the effect of the current world events on people, and especially young people. Depression and suicidal behaviour is prevalent. God and Satan both sell their gospel as merchandise and the souls of men are traded as merchandise, but every one of us have to decide from which merchant we want to buy, and also to which merchant we want to sell. Who will we chose as an anchor to hold onto in these storms?
50 Climate Change: Famines, Pestilence, Earthquakes

In episode 50 we take a look at some of the natural disasters happening around the world. We also observe warnings from the World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab about not so natural disasters looming. How can all of these, along with the climate change saga, link to a possible larger agenda?
49 Final Persecution

In episode 49 we see how the commandment-keeping people of God are receiving prominence in the news, just as it was prophesied. We also discuss what the Roman Church has to say about this group of fundamentalists who do not wish to return to her fold.
48 The Great Reset, A Long Time Coming? Part 2 of 2

In Episode 48 we Continue Our Discussion On Legal Lawful. We Look at Some Interesting Historical Events and See If It Can be Linked To Current Events, And Perhaps Bring About The Great Reset.
47 The Great Reset, A Long Time Coming? Part 1 of 2

In Episode 47 we discuss some interesting historical facts pertaining to the difference between what is lawful and what is legal, and the implication of this difference in the world today. Can this difference play a part in the Great Reset that is on the cards?
46 To Vax or not to Vax

In Episode 46 we discuss the extremely hot topic of vaccinations. Are there perhaps deeper implications than to merely vax or not? Should anyone be allowed to dictate your choice?
45 Sons of God; daughters of men Who are they? (FAQ)

In Episode 45 we discuss some of the questions received like: Is the Jesuit oath a forgery or not? Is Caiaphas going to die 3 times? “The Sons of God”.. does that mean Angels? Were the giants a product of the fallen angels and the daughters of men? Why was the Ceremonial law to be a witness against us? And more.
44 Is Heaven Real?

Episode 44: At last we get to the subject we have been wanting to get to for a long time, Heaven. Is it a real tangible place, or is it a place where ghosts roam? Maybe a state of mind as some teach? What can we learn from the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy?
43 Out Of Darkness Into The Light: Martin's Testimony

In Episode 43 Martin gives his testimony of how the Lord lead him through his life out of darkness into the wonderful light found in His Word.
42 To Feast Or Not To Feast?

In Episode 42 we discuss three questions: Where did Cain get his wife? Should a Christian date or marry a non-Christian? The meaning of the Biblical Feasts; should we still keep the Biblical feasts?
41 Trump, Q, WEF... Who Will Drain The World's Swamp?

In Episode 41 we discuss the world’s longing for a saviour to drain the world’s swamp of all the evil that is growing and spreading by the hour. Whether it will be an individual or an entity like the World Economic Forum (WEF), the hype about who or what it will be is increasing, especially with the current US election results still to be determined. In light of all this, what does God mean when He says: I have trodden the winepress alone ?
40 Solidarity For The Common Good

In Episode 40 we continue our discussion on the new education that is being proposed, and one of the most prevalent buzzwords used is the word Solidarity. This solidarity will most probably include conformity, as well as compromise for the common good.
39 A New Education For The World

In Episode 39 we discuss one of the most important topics for our time, education. There is a lot of talk about a new education that will lead us to a consolidated education that will finally be universally accepted.
38 Prayers For The Dead

In Episode 38 we discuss the Roman Catholic practice of paying indulgences for the deceased in purgatory, and praying to/for them. Although it is a Catholic doctrine, many Christians are attached to modified forms of the purgatory doctrine with their view on the state of the dead, in other words their teaching on what happens when one dies.
37 Reflection on the Election

With the final outcome of the US election still to be decided, Joe Biden is currently the President elect. In this episode we discuss the prophetic implications of a Biden win.
36 What If Adam And Eve Never Sinned? (FAQ)

In Episode 36 we discuss a variety of subjects from questions received such as why does the 1611 King James Bible contain the apocryphal books?, Is the name of the Messiah Jesus or Yeshua?, are we once saved, always saved?, what would have happened if Adam and Eve never sinned? And more.
35 Fratelli Tutti, Pope Francis Encyclical 2020

In Episode 35 the new encyclical “Fratelli Tutti” by Pope Francis is discussed. Is this encyclical setting the stage for what is to come? Is it getting rid of your individuality for the sake of the common good? Does it do away with private property for redistribution of wealth among the poor?
34 Donald Trump vs Joe Biden, Does It Matter Who Wins?

In Episode 34 we discuss whether it matters who wins the USA presidential election when looking through the lens of prophecy. What is the sentiment of both candidates toward the Roman Catholic Church and especially toward her teachings, and how does that fit into the prophetic picture?
33 The Return Prayer March At The Washington Mall

In Episode 33 we conclude part 2 of our discussion of prophetic movements. We will look at the religious side and how the wound of the papacy is being healed, and how church and state are coming together. We discuss what happened at the Washington Mall with the Prayer March 2020 and The Return gathering and how it links with the prophetic picture.
32 Doomsday Clock, Amy C.Barrett, 2020 UN Speeches

In Episode 32 we discuss the Climate clock, or as some call it, Doomsday Clock in New York. We look at lock down rules implemented around the world, and discuss some of the speeches made at the United Nations. We also discuss what is being said about the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett and the remarks made by William Barr at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast on church and state separation.
31 Israel Of God, Lord's Day, Sabbath In The End Times

In Episode 31 we discuss if there is a dispensational difference between the children of Israel and the children of God. We also discuss the various denominational views about the Lord’s day and the Sabbath. Is it relevant on which day of the week you worship God, and will this issue become prominent in the time ahead?
30 Prophets, Miracles, Signs Wonders

In Episode 30 we look at some of the current prophecies made by various prominent proclaimed prophets. The Bible warns us that in the end time deception will be prevalent, therefore we especially need to be rooted in the Word to discern between the true and false, to prepare us for the time ahead.
29 Who Is The Rider On White Horse? Who are the 144 000? (FAQ)

In Episode 29 we discuss questions such as: the identity of the rider on the white horse from Revelation; why is Sabbath from sunset to sunset and not sunrise to sunrise; how will a universal Sunday Law death decree work over different timelines; what is the difference between 7th day Adventist and 7day Baptist; when is it science and when is it playing God; who are the 144 000; What is the biblical view on security and defending yourself or your loved ones; and more.
28 USA We want God , Israel UAE Peace Agreement

In Episode 28 we study the book of Ezekiel to see how it pertains to events taking place in the World such as the peace agreement between Israel and United Arab Emirates, and what we can possibly expect in the times ahead.
27 Vaccines The Mark

In Episode 27 we discuss the controversial subject of the coronavirus vaccine, how it might be distributed and if it could become mandatory. We also discuss how the vaccine relates to the mark of the beast and climate change.
26 New Normal, Human Enhancement, Depopulation

In Episode 26 we conclude our discussion on possible depopulation. We look at the new normal being advocated for life after the coronavirus and we discuss the possibilities of human enhancement. We also conclude our study on Revelation 11 and Revelation 18.
25 Get Out Of The Cities, Age of Reason, Two Witnesses

In Episode 25 we continue our discussion and look at the biblical applications on the possible demise of the world population. We discuss the admonition to get out of the cities, and we also look at the warnings in the Spirit of Prophecy about similarities between the French Revolution and current world events.
24 Conspiracy Theories?, Depopulation, UFO's

Episode 24 is the first of three talks that links together the different things happening around the world that seem to be disjointed. We apply the filter again as we have done in previous episodes. Is it truth? Is it conspiracy theories? How do we connect the dots to see where we are heading?
23 3 Days 3 Nights, Earth Round Or Flat, Organic Farming (FAQ)

In Episode 23 we answer some questions that we received, such as: Is oil a fossil fuel? Where should we draw the line on political involvement? Was Jesus crucified on Wednesday or Friday? What is the difference between imputed and imparted righteousness? Were lucifer and his angels cast out before or after the fall of man? Will there be future prophets? We will also answer some questions regarding the King of the North and South. We give our statement on the round vs flat earth and Walter gives advice on organic farming.
22 Black Lives Matter, Amazon Synod, Freedom Sunday

In Episode 22 we discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, the Amazon synod held in the gardens of the Vatican as well as the Freedom Sunday movement and how all these might be seen in the North versus South scenario.
21 The Great Reset, Donald Trump Prophecy, Kanye West

In Episode 21 we discuss the Great Reset initiative of the World Economic Forum, a Donald Trump Prophecy of 1983, as well as the calls made by Catholics that Trump must convert to Catholicism and Kanye West entering the presidential race. We apply the Biblical filters to see how this links with the King of the North vs King of the South battle and their thesis vs antithesis agenda to get to a synthesis.
20 World War 3, North vs South

After giving a clear Biblical outline in the previous 3 episodes as to what constitutes Babylon, who teaches the serpent theology and who has been identified as the great anti-power against Jesus Christ, we now look at the final conflict that the world is heading for, the likes of which we have never seen before.
19 The Atonement Of Jesus Christ The Doctrine Of The Serpent 3

In Episode 19, part 3 of 3 we conclude our series on Babylon and the doctrine of the serpent. As we have seen in the previous episodes, all three the lies of the serpent are being taught by Babylon and in this episode we discuss what Babylon teaches on the most precious doctrine of all, the Atonement.
18 Ye Shall Be As Gods The Doctrine Of The Serpent 2

In Episode 18 we continue our discussion on Babylon and the doctrine of the serpent, part 2 of 3. In the previous episode we saw that Babylon teaches the first lie of satan, namely that ye will not die and any church that teaches the same is therefore part of Babylon. Now we will take a look at what Babylon teaches on the second lie, namely that ye shall be as gods and the third lie, that ye shall know good and evil .
17 The Doctrine Of The Serpent 1

In Episode 17 part 1 of 3, we discuss the difference between the religion of Babylon and the religion of the Bible. The Bible is very clear that we should flee from Babylon just before the second coming of Jesus, and therefore it is of paramount importance that we know who and what Babylon is.
16 The Shaking

In Episode 16 we discuss the shaking which is to take place in the remnant church shortly before the second coming of Jesus as mentioned in the Spirit of Prophecy. What will cause this shaking and what must one do not to be shaken out?
15 Trump Kneels At Catholic Shrine, Jubilee For Earth

In Episode 15 we look at the current events that are happening in the World, link it back to Bible prophecy and identify where we stand and are heading in the stream of time.
14 Guidelines For Discernment

In Episode 14 we discuss the beautiful guidelines God has provided for us to have excellent discernment, which is especially important for the momentous times we are living in and for the events coming upon the earth.
13 The Great Disappointment, 1844 The Sanctuary

In Episode 13 we discuss the beautiful doctrine of the pre-advent judgement and the ministry of Jesus in the heavenly Sanctuary. Why are there so many misconceptions on this uniquely Seventh Day Adventist pillar of faith?
12 Behold, The Bridegroom Cometh

And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. John 14:3. Can we be ready to meet the King of Kings? What does the Bible tell us on how to prepare, and what is our duty during the time of preparation?
11 Double Blind, What Is The Agenda For The World?

With the overwhelming number of videos and information currently about the Coronavirus, Mark of the Beast and the alleged dark agendas of Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci and the deep state, what does the future hold? When looking at all the events around the world, we can clearly see where the world is heading and what the agenda is.
10 QAnon, Dr. Fauci, Deep State, Spirit of Prophecy

In Episode 10 we discuss QAnon and the draining of the deep state swamp and how it all might fit in with Hegelian Dialectic. We also discuss the Spirit of Prophecy mentioned in the Bible and how it pertains to the remnant church.
9 Is This The End? Part 2 (Questions answered)

Early Workers to Speak—God has given me light regarding our periodicals. What is it?—He has said that the dead are to speak. How?—Their works shall follow them. We are to repeat the words of the pioneers in our work, who knew what it cost to search for the truth as for hidden treasure, and who labored to lay the foundation of our work. They moved forward step by step under the influence of the Spirit of God. One by one these pioneers are passing away. The word given me is, Let that which these men have written in the past be reproduced. And in the Signs of the Times let not the articles be long or the print fine. Do not try to crowd everything into one number of the paper. Let the print be good, and let earnest, living experiences be put into the paper. CW 28.1
8 Is This The End? Part 1 (2 Hour In Depth Study)

Episode 8 is an in depth study that Walter will be doing on where we are in the stream of time as we look at current events and prophecy. Is this the end? May the Holy Spirit grant us wisdom as we study these things.
7 What do we believe, why do we believe it?

In Episode 7 we discuss: what do we believe, why do we believe it, and what is our duty in terms of the times we are living in? There is a lot of confusion currently in the world about various issues such as 5G, RFID Chip etc. which clamour for the attention of the mind, that the broad objective of preaching the gospel is getting lost in the background noise.
6 Which Bible? Part 2

In Episode 6 we conclude our discussion on Bible translations and the manuscripts they are based upon. Subtle changes in wording can thus mean little to the uninformed but can have major philosophical implications which profoundly effect doctrine. A comparison of some of the more significant differences between old and modern Bible translations and their respective manuscript sources can thus take on a totally new meaning… Does it matter whether the antichrist comes out of Greece or is still to come in the future? Does it matter that millions of people died because they believed and taught that the antichrist came out of the fourth beast and was the Papal system? Does it then matter that the beast of Rev. 13 is the papal system? Does it matter that that beast has a mark which will be enforced on all mankind? Does it matter that God has called a remnant “that keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus” to warn the world against receiving the mark of the beast at the peril of their soul? May God help us to realize that it does matter! Walter Veith (Bible Versions, Does It Really Matter?)
5 Which Bible? Part 1

In Episode 5 we begin to discuss (the discussion will continue in episode 6) the issues urrounding the different Bible versions and translations. Jesus says Thy word is truth. John 17:17 (KJV), then surely we need to be certain that the Bible we read IS the complete Word of God, and does not merely contain the word of God.
4 Mark Of The Beast, RFID Chip, Little Time Of Trouble (FAQ)

This is a special episode of What’s Up, Prof? where we discuss important In episode 4 we discuss the Mark of the beast, the RFID Chip, the use of branded equipment, how the Noahide Laws can lead to religious legislation, and when the time of the end will commence.
3 Coronavirus, Noahide Laws, End Time

This is a special episode of What’s Up, Prof? where we discuss important information contained in a German government document that seems like a blueprint for a pandemic such as the coronavirus / SARS-CoV-2. We also discuss the Noahide laws and how all of this might pertain to the end time.
2 Religious Freedom, Persecution The Coronavirus

In Episode 2 we discuss the Coronavirus, Religious freedom and religious persecution.
1 2020 American election campaign

In episode 1 we talk about the 2020 American election campaign, and also political developments in other countries.