Clash of Minds

School of Evangelism

The Lord calls upon our young people to enter our schools and quickly fit themselves for service. In various places outside of cities, schools are to be established where our youth can receive an education that will prepare them to go forth to do evangelical work and medical missionary work. 9T 170.2

Christ’s ministry lasted only three years, and a great work was done in that short period. In these last days, there is a great work to be done in a short time. While many are getting ready to do something, souls will perish for the light and knowledge. GW92 179.3

Healthfull Living

Christian Life

Bible Study

Purpose and objective

The purpose and objective of the Clash of Minds School of Evangelism is to produce a training program that teaches the principles of Christian doctrine and present truth, with the benefit of experiencing the holistic lifestyle associated with this truth. We have been given clear council from the Spirit of Prophecy that every evangelist should also be a medical missionary, and thus our schools would benefit greatly if they can be associated with such institutes. This is the background to the location of the School and association with Verity Health Centre.

Our short courses (5 weeks) are designed to equip the students with the knowledge to preach the Three Angels’ Messages simply and effectively in order to impress upon the mind the benefits of living what we preach. Time is of the essence, and that is why we have opted for short but compact periods of training and then equipping the students with the necessary resources to carry on the work effectively. If we dedicate ourselves to the service of the Lord Jesus Christ as consecrated workers, as laborers together with Him, He will supply all our needs and grant us the gift of the Holy Spirit to finish the work.

Course Outline

The following key study areas will be covered by lectures, workshops and demonstrations which will be scheduled throughout the course period.


Principles of healthful living

Health reform

Health reform from the ground up


Basic organic gardening

The body

The physiology of the human body

Medical missionary

Basic medical missionary principles


The authenticity of the Scriptures


Archaeology and the Bible


The question of origins and the evolution creation debate

Church history

Sacred history: The history of the church through the ages and the calling of the remnant

Fundamental beliefs

The fundamental beliefs of the SDA church with emphasis on the doctrines that set us apart

Spiritual gifts

The remnant, authenticity of spiritual gifts and the Spirit of Prophecy


Biblical prophecy with emphasis on Daniel and Revelation

Origin of sin

The origin of sin and the spirit of rebellion

Important messages

A comprehensive look at the most important messages for our time, the last call to humanity, “The Three Angels’ Messages

Music and worship

Sacred Music, Music and worship, Music and spiritual discernment and a hands-on musical experience

Evangelistic tools

Evangelistic tools like the media, effective use of the internet and cellphone evangelism and networking


How to be practical at becoming effective fishers of men


Survival skills for the hard times ahead

Natural treatments

Hands-on training with regard to basic natural medical treatments

Upcoming Courses

Course dates:

29 September – 10 November

Course costs:

R20,000 (ZAR) / $1,100 (USD)

Speakers and teaching staff will include: Prof. Walter and Sonica Veith, Martin & Marna Smith, Dr. Francois Du Plessis, Dr. Jade Erasmus, Nelis Theron, Marlou Smith, David Symons, Edrich Elstadt and Dan Nel.

General / Logistics

Students will be housed in shared or private rooms at the Fig Tree accommodation in the Kampersrus area. Accommodation includes:

  • Bedding and towels will be provided.
  • Laundry facilities – students can make use of the laundry facilities to do their own washing.
  • All clothing, toiletries and other personal items are for students to bring along.
  • Students should bring their Bible(s), notebooks, stationary and other study aids.
  • Students are encouraged to bring comfortable clothing and shoes to use during outdoor activities, exercise and swimming times.
  • Dress code for all students must be in harmony with dress reform principles from Spirit of Prophecy. Please pack modest clothing that will glorify God throughout the duration of your stay.

Students will be supplied with the necessary reading materials in either electronic form or/and hard copies. Evangelistic tools in the form of DVD’s and flash drives will also be supplied. The ministry will provide access to our question and answers database and our staff will be, as far as is possible, engaged in assisting with questions that arise in the field.

Meals will be provided at the Verity Centre cafeteria. Verity Centre and Clash of Minds, are also located in close proximity to a wildlife haven, and we will therefore arrange nature excursions and a trip to wildlife havens such as the Kruger National Park, as part of the experience.


If you feel that God has called you into service for Him in these last days, please download and read the COMS Student Handbook, if you decide thereafter that this course is for you, please complete the registration form and pay the registration fee to initiate the application process.

After reading the COMS Student Handbook and you have any further questions, please email us at

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high demand of attending the course, emails asking questions already covered in the COMS Handbook will not receive a reply.