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Pope in the middle of Russia-Ukraine crisis

Pope Francis’ meeting with the Russian Embassy on Ukraine crisis was a hands-on papal gesture with no recent precedent

Pope: Those who ‘denied the faith’ are in ‘the communion of saints’

Pope Francis’ comments about the communion of saints being made up of those who have publicly denied the faith contradict the teaching of the Church. Read More

COP26 did not go far enough. It’s time to take the Pope Francis-approach to climate change.

The COP26 climate summit in Glasgow was a tale of two cities: one afloat on bold pledges and new promises, the other sinking under the weight of “Greta Mania” and the chants of “blah, blah, blah” from the followers of the Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg. Read More

In unprecedented move, Pope makes personal appeal in remarkable Russia embassy visit

Pontiff breaks protocol to deliver his message of concern to Russia, later assures top Ukrainian Greek Catholic leader he will do ‘everything I can’ to help.. Read More